making words cool
since 1988...

Hi there! I'm Natalie, the face behind the words. In hindsight, I'm not all that rad...I'm a 90s kid who grew up with firm roots in Saturday morning cartoons, pogs, and small doses of Tang (it's a kick in a glass!). Nowadays, I'm into adult things like following dog Instagram accounts / getting nostalgic over literally every. single. thing. / wearing high-waisted jeans because #momlife / and battling through the difficulties of being a leftie one day at a time (those desks in elementary school, though).

My love for writing began in grade school—in second grade I wrote my first short story about body parts (one section was dedicated to cheeks—"not the ones in front but the ones in back"). That short story, even if it did make my mom cry (and earned me a trip to the principal's office), launched my writing career...

From there, ya know, life, and eventually I graduated from Iowa State University in 2009 with a degree in English and French. I went on to work for Better Homes & Gardens and Do It Yourself magazine as an editor (writing + editing stories about homes that are far more beautiful than mine will ever be). 

In 2015, I brought a few more loves of mine into the fold—hand-lettering and illustrating—with the launch of Flyover Design Co., a paper goods company focused on weddings and special events.

To round out my business speed-dating profile, my personal life includes my baby girl Mika - pronounced MEE-Kah (embarrassed + proud to say her name came from a character on The Walking Dead), my rescue pup Calvin (who has more nicknames than I can count on four hands), my husband Max (who puts up with the crazy), and plenty of biking, traveling, eating, and exploring. 

Want to be friends? Let's grab a drink + discuss your passion!